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Affordable Orthodontist NYC is the expert in Braces and Invisalign providing services throughout New York City. Read our reviews assuring you we are one of, if not the top orthodontist in NYC. From Lower Manhattan to Midtown all the way uptown we a modern center providing quality care for children, teens and adults.


We Provide :

  • Invisalign
  • lingual braces
  • speed braces
  • general braces

Ask to see the range of awards and recognition we have garnered over the term of our practice. We offer Personalized care so call the now to Schedule an appointment. Whether it is to Straighten your teeth or make your smile even brighter, our friendly staff will provide expert orthodontic treatment for all ages. From Angie’s list to yelp, we are well respected in the orthodontic arena, and we deliver the best care around the first time.

Affordable Orthodontist

Our Convenient location and flexible hours allow our staff to help adults and teens with overbites, underbites, crowded teeth and other issues with our specialized Orthodontic services.Our practice has convenient hours making it easy for our patients to make appointments without rearranging their already busy schedules. No-Pressure Consultations, payment plans, and excellent service makes it easy to get the experienced orthodontic care you deserve.

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Avoiding The Dentist? Are You Embarrassed to Smile?

A Beautiful smile starts with healthy teeth. You don’t need to to be afraid! Offering total oral care in a comfortable atmosphere our goal is to make you grin. We make rotten teeth Well. We join you in your journey back to your beautiful smile, using state-of-the-art technology, and in a comfortable and friendly environment. Our personable staff emphasizes giving each patient specialized and individual attention. We love developing relationships that last long after the conclusion of treatment. Our team prides themselves on creating an individualized treatment plan for each of their patients based on their needs.

top orthodontist

We take pride in the confidence that an attractive smile brings to our patients. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful your smile can be! Patients in New York City recognize us as highly skilled dentists and awesome work. We want your time with us to be fun, relaxing, and memorable. The impact of a beautiful, healthy smile cannot be measured by any means. Your confidence can be boosted, and your professional, and personal life enhanced by a straight, beautiful smile. We are enthralled at the opportunity to introduce to you our practice while empowering your decisions to be well informed meeting you or your child’s orthodontic needs. We hope that all our patients can look back upon their treatment as being an enjoyable and worthwhile experience Schedule your complimentary consultation today.

We deliver quality comprehensive dental care, providing patients with early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of oral health issues. We are euphoric to welcome you as a new patient and look forward to meeting you. Call our friendly staff at 1-646-576-7002 so you can make an appointment to see our orthodontic specialist today.

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We can offer you the lovely, straight teeth you’ve constantly wanted! We provide a complete variety of  for both grownups and kids.  We take our approach extremely seriously that  is not practically fixing teeth.  When we boost a patient’s smile, we make that person feel more beautiful and enable them to smile with self-confidence.  Let us give you the stunning, healthy smile you  cannot wait to flaunt every day.  You will be greeted with a warm smile in the reception area. You will feel surrounded by charm in the streamlined, modern design practice. You will find innovative innovation in our advanced practice to guarantee that you receive the most reliable and effective care possible. Our goal is to give you a lovely, healthy smile that you can delight in every day for a lifetime. To do so, we develop a treatment plan tailored to your distinct circumstance.

Did you know that New York is likewise among the finest places on the planet to find an ?

New York is the home of two of the best dentistry schools in the county, Columbia University, and NYU.  Not just do they end up some of the best  in the country, but they are also the home of distinguished organizations like CTOR. This leading edge orthodontic research consortium is currently studying things like molecular orthodontics accelerated teeth motion and skeletogenesis.

What’s that mean in English?

It means that New York is home to a few of the leading research study in the field of Orthodontics.  This is the study that equates into you getting the very best treatment possible.

Our objective in moving teeth is to enhance our patients’ health, look, and function. We supply all aspects of the most reputable cutting-edge orthodontics consisting of Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, traditional braces, and retainers.



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Affordable Orthodontist Best Smiles Top To Bottom