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We are thrilled to be able to introduce to you our practice while empowering you with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision concerning your orthodontic needs. Patients from New York City and the surrounding areas visit us for leading edge orthodontic care, traditional metal braces as well as Invisalign. We work as a team to provide personalized and thorough treatment at each visit, to achieve optimal treatment results.

Invisible Braces

You’ll be amazed at how beautiful your smile can be! Customers in NYC know us for our highly skilled doctors and outstanding work. We want your time with us to be fun, relaxing, and memorable.

Lets face it, most people looking for Invisalign do not want to wear braces. The truth is (that at this point in time), in the hands of an experienced orthodontist, braces can sometimes deliver better clinical results than the current technology built into Invisalign aligners.

We provide faster treatment times and convenient office hours to accommodate your busy schedule, and stay up-to-date on the latest orthodontic techniques, maintaining the highest quality orthodontic treatments.

Don’t leave something as important as your smile up to just anyone!

 Greet the world grinning with new confidence and healthy teeth! Get braces and smile more – it’s that simple. Improving your smile is one of the best investments you can make.

We offer many treatment options, including:

Metal braces
Ceramic braces
Invisalign® clear aligners
Clear Braces

if you are interested in Invisalign treatment, you have come to the right place! Schedule your complimentary invisalign price consultation today.

We can provide you the gorgeous, straight teeth you have constantly desired! We offer a complete range of orthodontics for both grown ups and adolescents. Providing cutting edge orthodontic treatment in a smooth, modern, comfortable space is what we pride ourselves on. We take our viewpoint extremely seriously that Orthodontics is not merely about taking care of teeth. When we enhance a client’s smile, we make that person feel more beautiful, and allow them to smile with self-confidence. Let us offer you the gorgeous, healthy smile you can’t wait to show off every day. A welcoming smile will greet you every time in the reception area. You will feel surrounded by appeal in the sleek, modern-day design practice.Our objective is to offer you a beautiful, healthy smile that you can take pleasure in every day for a lifetime. To do so, we establish a treatment strategy tailored to your unique circumstance.

Did you understand that New York is likewise among the finest locations worldwide to discover an Orthodontist?

New York City is home to 2 of the most reputable dentistry schools in the county, Columbia University, and NYU. Not just do they end up some of the most renowned orthodontists in the country; however they are likewise the home of prominent organizations like CTOR. This leading edge orthodontic research study consortium is presently considering things like molecular orthodontics sped up teeth motion and skeletogenesis.

Exactly what’s that mean in English?

It indicates that New York city is house to a few of the leading research in the field of Orthodontics. This is the research study that equates into you getting the very best treatment possible.

Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, traditional braces, and retainers.

With recent orthodontic innovations, numerous modern-day braces are developed mainly for grownups to minimize discomfort while preserving the very best possible look issues.

Orthodontic issues in grownups vary from minor crowding or spacing of teeth to very intricate problems involving repair and replacement of missing out on teeth and treatment to correct anomalies of facial development and severe oral disease. Most types of braces are appropriate for adults though it is vital to select the right technique to accomplish the preferred results (bearing patient’s comfort and way of life in mind).

A lovely new smile is just the beginning. Don’t be embarrassed to smile any longer, get the task you desire or the date you want. Straight teeth are simpler to keep clean. This leads to a much healthier mouth in general. Having the appropriate bite after braces will assist with correct function and lower excessive wear and stress on your teeth. The cost of orthodontics or braces must never keep you from achieving the smile you have always desired. Getting that ideal smile is an important financial investment since you are investing in yourself, which can pay vital dividends in regards to improving your self-confidence, self-confidence, career, and relationships

You are not alone if you are  dissatisfied with the look of your smile. Many grownups do not pursue the straight teeth they have always wanted since they do not have two years or more to invest in braces, and metal bars and brackets can be hard to fit into professional and individual schedules  .While many of our patients are adults, we do serve all ages and enjoy to see kids and teens in our office! We specialize in fast, invisible braces– orthodontic care by Smile Specialists NYC is best for students along with busy professionals. We provide the latest orthodontic technology, including Fastbraces ®, Lingual, Invisalign, and more!  Other options for invisible braces for grownups in New York City are available, including Invisalign ®. Incognito ® Hidden Braces have shown to be a more beneficial alternative to this choice, precisely, when taking a way of life into factor to consider. Invisalign ® retainers need to be eliminated throughout daily activities such as consuming and brushing your teeth. This can be disruptive, especially throughout social interactions. With Incognito ® braces, when the brackets are on the back of the teeth, they remain there for the period of the treatment. Another plus is that this kind of orthodontic treatment needs less sees to the orthodontist, which is perfect for adults who are always surrounded by the pressure of New York City.

Call us. Our workplaces are warm and welcoming. Our patient-centered method will make you smile now, and the outcomes we produce for you will leave you smiling for a lifetime.

Offering quality orthodontics to Manhattan, Midtown, and all surrounding New York City areas.

When we enhance a patient’s smile, we make that person feel more gorgeous and enable them to smile with confidence. Let us offer you the beautiful, healthy smile you cannot wait to show off every day. You will feel surrounded by beauty in the smooth, modern-day design practice.  You will find sophisticated technology in our cutting edge practice to make sure that you get the most effective and effective care possible.Our objective is to give you a stunning, healthy  smile that you can delight in every day for a lifetime.  A lovely new smile is just the start. Our patient-centered method will make you smile now, and the outcomes we create for you will leave you smiling for a lifetime.

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